Fundraising for Ukrainian Refugees

In response to the needs of the Ukrainian refugees displaced by war , the Sogan Foundation activated a fundraising initiative that involved several friends and students of Ven. Sogan Rinpoche, in the U.S. and also in Italy, and resulted in raising the generous sum of 12,500 euros.  A series of subsequent circumstances caused no family to arrive at the Center, so we decided to donate the sum raised to associations and individuals who have particularly distinguished themselves in supporting Ukrainian refugees in this Mori area.  Therefore, on Saturday, August 13, 2022 - at the presence of Ven. Sogan Rinpoche, the Mayor of Mori, representatives of the various associations involved, some Ukrainians, and members of the Manzano community - we donated € 12,000 to the following entities (click HERE for event pictures): 
1) Association "Sermig Arsenal for Peace": € 3,000 that will be allocated to purchase essential goods to be sent to Ukraine;
2) Association "Let's Help Them Live in Ukraina": € 3,000 to cover part of the expenses for the purchase of an ambulance to be sent to Ukraine;
3) Cedas Caritas Mori: € 3,000 that will be allocated to the purchasing of essential goods for refugee families residing in the municipality of Mori;
4) Association "Arci Mori": € 1000 to support the expenses of organizing Italian Language courses for Ukrainian refugees;
5) Volodymyr Skakevych: € 2,000 to this Ukrainian citizen who lives in Mori and has managed to host up to 13 fellow Ukrainian refugees in his home.

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